If you’re going on a drive-yourself vacation, the roof box is almost indispensable. With the box securely mounted on the roof of the car, you do not have to pack the car to the breaking point, thus making the journey more comfortable for all the passengers of the car.

The roof box is especially useful for holidays that require special equipment, such as the ski vacation, but it can also be used for other kinds of sports equipment, hiking equipment, extra outerwear and whatever else is nice to take on a holiday far away from home.

For this article, we have reviewed the latest tests, and found 3 of the best roof boxes right now. Read about them all in the article below and get good advice on how to make the best use of the space in the car.

Thule Motion XT XL – test winner with plenty of space

  • Test winner – Test facts
  • Editors’ Choice – Outdoor Gearlab
  • Test winner – FDM
  • Top scorer – Gear limits
  • Top scorer – Busted Wallet

Thule Motion XT XL is one of the best roof boxes right now. It performs well in several tests where it is praised for being easy to handle, waterproof and robust.

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Thule Motion XT XL is a large roof box with capacity for 500 liters, or up to 75 kilos. Overall, this means that you can fit up to 5 large bags, but it can also be used for other things. According to Thule, between 5 and 7 pairs of skis or between 3 and 5 snowboards can be stored in this roof box, and the skis can be no more than 200 centimeters long. If you want a special ski carrier, this can also be purchased for a small extra price. There are several built-in luggage straps that can be used to hold luggage so it does not slide around inside the box.

The following features and / or benefits are highlighted on Thule’s website:

  • Optimized design for better space utilization, better aerodynamics and easier adaptation to different cars.
  • The roof box has a PowerClick mounting system with an integrated indicator that gives a click when mounted correctly. This facilitates assembly work.
  • It is easy to open and close the roof box with the outside handles, as well as lifting arms that help open the lid and keep it open afterwards.
  • The SlideLock system has separate opening and locking functions, which clearly indicate when the lid is opened and closed properly.
  • The roof box is designed so that the risk of contact with the car’s tailgate is minimized as its location is advanced.

Thule Motion XT XL has a total load capacity of up to 75 kilos and measures 215 x 91.5 x 44 centimeters exterior. Inside, it measures 200 x 80 x 38 centimeters and the roof box weighs 23.5 kilos. All necessary locks are included and are compatible with the One-Key-System purchase product, so that the same keys can be used for several different Thule products.


  • Capacity: 500 liters
  • Load capacity: 75 kg.
  • Exterior dimensions: 215 x 91.5 x 44 cm.
  • Inside dimensions: 200 x 80 x 38 cm.
  • Weight: 23.5 kg.
  • Lock included: Yes
  • Max. ski length: 200 cm.
  • Opens from both sides: Yes

Thule Dynamic M – slim roof box in aerodynamic design

  • Test winner – FDM
  • Test winner – ADAC

Thule Dynamic M is an older model, but nonetheless among the more sporty of its kind. Its profile is low, the build quality is high and it is extremely easy to operate.

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There can be many reasons why one does not want a big and flashy roof box. Fortunately, there are models like Thule Dynamic that are the opposite. With a sleek and aerodynamic design, the roof box appears both light and elegant. The bottom is also designed so that it is mounted close to the roof of the car, which makes it look nicer and more discreet. It is available in a medium or large model with room for 320 or 430 liters respectively, but here we show data for the model in size medium (Thule Dynamic M).

The roof box can accommodate between 4 and 6 pairs of skis or between 3 and 4 pairs of snowboards, and the maximum ski length can reach up to 180 centimeters.

The following features and / or benefits are highlighted on Thule’s own website:

  • Sporty og aerodynamisk design, der giver en optimeret luftstrøm omkring tagboksen. Den er desuden designet således at den monteres tæt på bilens tag, hvorved den fremstår mere diskret.
  • PowerClick-systemet gør det nemt og hurtigt at montere tagboksen korrekt på bilens tag.
  • DualSide-åbnings mekanisme, der gør det muligt at åbne låget fra begge sider.
  • Centralt låsesystem gør det muligt at låse alle punkter på én gang, og nøglen kan kun tages ud af tagboksen når alle punkter er forsvarligt låst.
  • Tagboksen er designet så den er monteret et godt stykke fremme på biltaget, så bagklappen kan åbnes helt op uden problemer.
  • Bundmåtten er skridsikker, så bagagen ikke risikerer at glide frem og tilbage når du kører.

Thule Dynamic is a medium-sized roof box that measures 206 x 84 x 34 centimeters on the outside and 198 x 75 x 27 centimeters on the inside. It weighs only 18 kilos, which means it’s easy to handle.

The roof box top is held in place by support arms both front and rear, and these are designed so that the top can be opened (and held open) from both sides. This is a good detail if you have packed many small items in the roof box, since you can then access them from both sides.


  • Capacity: 320 liters
  • Load capacity: 75 kg.
  • Exterior dimensions: 206 x 84 x 34 cm.
  • Inside dimensions: 198 x 75 x 27 cm.
  • Weight: 18 kg.
  • Lock included: Yes
  • Max. ski length: 180 cm.
  • Opens from both sides: Yes

Thule Motion XT Sport – easy test winner at affordable price

  • Test winner – ADAC
  • Top scorer – Honest John
  • Top scorer – FQ Magazine

Thule Motion XT Sport is a small lightweight roof box that is available at an affordable price and also performs well in tests.

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3.749,00 3.749,00 Til butik »

Thule Motion XT Sport is the ideal choice for those who do not have the same space requirements but who still want a good and sturdy roof box with several useful features.

The roof box has a capacity of 300 liters and a load capacity of up to 75 kilos. This means that you have space for up to 4 large bags, but it can also be used, for example, for skis or snowboards. According to Thule, this roof box can hold up to 5 pairs of skis, as well as up to 4 snowboards, and the maximum length of the skis can be up to 175 centimeters.

On Thule’s website, the same benefits for this roof box are highlighted as the larger test winner, Motion XT XL, which includes a user-friendly PowerClick mounting system for fast and secure mounting of the box on the car’s roof racks, central SlideLock locking system and the possibility to open the top from both sides.

Thule Motion XT Sport measures 189 x 67.5 x 43 centimeters outside, as well as 177 x 57 x 37 centimeters inside. It weighs 16 kilos and is therefore easier to lift and handle than many of the larger models.


  • Capacity: 300 liters
  • Load capacity: 75 kg.
  • Exterior dimensions: 189 x 67.5 x 43 cm.
  • Inside dimensions: 177 x 57 x 37 cm.
  • Weight: 16 kg.
  • Lock included: Yes
  • Max. ski length: 175 cm.
  • Opens from both sides: Yes

How to choose the best roof box for your needs

There are many roof boxes to choose from, all of which have different features, advantages and disadvantages. It is therefore a good idea to choose carefully so that you do not end up with a roof box that does not meet the needs of the household.

Below we have gathered some of the best tips for choosing a new roof box:

Think about ease of use

Before choosing the roof box that looks best, you should spend some time researching the ease of use. The test results typically indicate whether the roof box is user-friendly or not, but it is also important to check if it meets your needs.

A good roof box should preferably be opened from both sides, while the support arms ensure that the upper part is in place.

For example, consider the following:

  • Does the roof box have a sufficient number of luggage straps for clamping my luggage?
  • Is the roof box possibly long enough for my skis to be there?
  • Is my car big enough for the roof box you want? (If not, you may, for example, run the risk of hitting the tailgate)
  • Is the roof box light enough for me to lift it into place without any problems?

Think about the weight

This is somewhat related to the ease of use. Roof boxes are actually relatively heavy, so it might be a good idea to consider the size of a model you really need. If you are a solo traveler, it may not be useful to lug around with a box of 25 kilos or more, as it may become too heavy and heavy for you to handle.

Therefore, choose a good and light roof box, especially if you are traveling alone.

New roof boxes are not always the safest

As seen in the latest tests, there is no guarantee of safety, even if the roof boxes are newly developed and have just come on the market. Therefore, it may be a good idea to choose safety rather than beautiful design, so always make sure to check the test results for roof boxes you have not heard of before.

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Test Sources

Below we have listed the tests that we have reviewed in preparation of the article.

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